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Curry Lovers Unite

Did you know that curry is not itself a spice, and is in fact a mix of spices that varies with geography? Even though there is in fact a curry leaf that is used in some curry powder recipes, the ingredients will vary from one locale to another.

The combination of herbs and spices varies depending on the country and region of origin. Curry is often associated with Indian food, and yet there are curry powders varieties from many parts of the world. The word curry is also used to describe a dish that uses this mix of spices.

Which term came first the dish ‘curry’ and then a mixture of herbs and spices referred to as ‘curry powder’ to prepare the dish? The reason I bring this up is there are such variances in the flavor of curry powders from a Caribbean Curry to an East African Curry. They all have unique combinations of herbs and spice mixes that differ greatly from the flavor of a ‘typical’ Indian curry flavor.

Curry powders all like wine in the respect that just because you had one curry powder or wine that you liked or did not like, does not mean that we rule out trying other varieties. Also, I think that like anything if you ‘OD’ on it meaning adding too much or too often can be a put-off curry powder for some people.

When preparing a curry dish know your crowd. Are they hardcore curry lovers or do they prefer just a hint of a curry flavor? This is the reason why I offer a variety of different aromas and spiciness of the curry powders that I create. Everyone's taste is different, and what may be spicy or flavorful to one, may to another not be.

Every kitchen ‘should’ have at least a couple of different curry powders on hand because they can be used in so much more than a curry dish. Anything that you can make with another of the spice blends you can substitute with one of the Posh Nosh curry powders below. Sometimes I like to just add a pinch to a rice dish, a pot of soup, a stir fry, or roasted veggies, and even a coating for chicken or fish.

Here are the curry powders that Posh Nosh spice blends create and a brief explanation. The best way to know what you like is to try them, experiment with cooking with them, and really just have fun.

Pacific Rim Curry Powder A “hot” curry powder great for fish, poultry, beef, lamb, seafood, rice, potatoes, veggies, soups. This curry powder is for those that enjoy the stronger taste and aromas of an authentic Indian curry.

Caribbean Hurricane Curry A fail-safe addition to any Caribbean dish. Not too hot, but full of tropical flavors. Great on all meats and vegetables.

Zanzibar Zing Is an East African curry that has a sweeter taste combined with the poignancy of the cardamon, cloves, and cinnamon. Used with beef, pork, poultry, seafood, rice, sauces, veggies, soups and even add a dash to scrambled eggs.

Cuban Manzana Marvel Sweet apple base infused with cilantro, cumin, and coriander makes for a Latin flavor curry powder that works wonderfully on pork, chicken, and salmon, excellent for baked beans, rice, and root vegetables.

Mad Monkey A mild curry. This blend achieves a sweetness from the dried banana and citrus from the lime. Lovely with seafood, chicken, vegetables, soups, salad dressings, and rice.

Maple Curry A match made in heaven. Wonderful in many curry dishes, with chicken, pork, salmon, shrimp, mussels, sweet potatoes, squash, couscous. It makes a wicked dip, and can even be used in some desserts and baked goods.

Kashmir Kiss Is at the heart of most Indian cooking and used as a last step almost like a fresh herb. Add this as a final step just before serving the curry Also wonderful on chicken, in stir fry, rice, and fish.

Please send me your favorite curry recipe dishes to share with others to


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