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Maybe it is a placebo effect?

I do not know, but I do know that when people tell me that their pain from arthritis, past injuries, and other inflammatory-related issues decreased from daily use of the Anti-Inflammatory Seasoning I know that there must be truth to it.

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food" Hippocrates

I remember around the time I began making this blend that my knees were bothering me from going up and down the stairs a lot, and of course, like most of us in middle age, I kind of thought it was ‘normal’. It was the dead winter, freezing cold, and my body was feeling it. I would make myself a hot beverage using the Anti-Inflammatory Seasoning just to warm my bones, and because I really enjoyed the flavor. Then one day shortly after it struck me that my knees were no longer bothering me, but honestly, I never made the connection.

Over time more and more people using the Anti-Inflammatory Seasoning started sharing with me their own stories of decreased pain, and of family and friends who were skeptics that anything ‘natural’ would ease their pain, sheepishly confessed to feeling relief, I knew that this golden blend was powerful.

If it is a placebo effect and because of this some people have been able to eliminate or reduce the use of pain killers, and prescription anti-inflammatory who am I to say otherwise. All I know is that the Anti-Inflammatory Seasoning is delicious on everything and each of the ingredients in this blend is high in medicinal anti-inflammatory properties.

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