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The Fine Art of Creating Spice Blends

Everything you taste, smell, and see in color in any food is essentially chemistry. Our senses are naturally designed to pick up. chemical triggers that scare us, excite, and intrigue us. These abilities of taste and smell are some of the most primal senses. This is what makes the taste and smell of food an experience akin to an emotion, a vivid memory, or a déjà vu.

Essentially, each ingredient is a blend of different chemicals that interact with one another to create a distinct flavor or smell.

By roasting the spices as I do, you restore the essential oils to a peak state and in doing so while mixing with other ingredients you create new and more complex compounds.

When the grinding happens, it exposes the inner parts of the seeds or herbs to the air. with some spice blends, one can even see a transformation of color, and the ingredients blend and combine. Often when I have a mix, I must re-evaluate the end-product and adjust something because it is too top-heavy in a specific flavor which is controlling the whole blend and not allowing the other flavors to come through. my goal is to create a spice blend that gives a constant series of flavors one after another that is a tickling of the taste buds not a slap in the face.

Thus. Posh Nosh Spice Blends are created through a complex process that includes roasting, cooling, grinding, blending, and adjusting volumes of specific ingredients to create the right balance of flavors and create a unique multi-layered creation that sends a melody of flavor and chemistry to the consumer.

For me, Posh Nosh Spice Blends are a way of giving the consumers a chance to understand the world through flavor. Sort of a trip around the world in 50 packages you could say.

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