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10 Ways to Use Almost Any Posh Nosh Spice Blend

1. Popcorn: The first, and easiest way to enjoy almost any Posh Noshspice blend! Dust a little on freshly popped popcorn. A couple of my personal favorites for this are maple Chili Heat and Santa Fe

2. Roasted vegetables and chickpeas: Another easy way to play with Posh Noshspice blends is to toss in with roasted vegetables or mix a bunch of raw root vegetables in a bit of oil and a spice blend of choice, and then roast on parchment paper until tender. I often will melt some coconut oil mix in some Maple Curry, or Berbere Bounty, toss and roast a batch of root veggies that I like to keep in the fridge to add on top of salads, with rice, quinoa, etc.

3. Stirred into soups, stews, chilies: Add a sprinkle of Posh Nosh spice blends to any soup. Or better yet when sauteing the vegetables before pureeing them or adding liquid add a pinch or two to the soft sautéed veggies, let sit in the pan with the lid on a few minutes, then proceed with adding liquid or blending them. Adjust flavors after the soup has time to simmer for a few minutes. Depending on the veggies will depend on the spice blends I use. See the collection of recommended Posh Nosh soup spice blends.

4. Egg, chicken, or tuna salad: Adding a curry blend to any of these salads just seems to work. The Maple Curry, Mad Monkey, or Pacific Rim Curry I also love to add the Anti-Inflammatory seasoning which works magic in any of these.

5. Salad dressings: I like to add a pinch or two of a variety of Posh Nosh spice blends to a basic oil vinaigrette dressing as a base, and often if I want to make it a creamy dressing, I will add in some Dijon mustard and some Tamara sauce. Never tire of salads because you can change it up with a sprinkle of spice blends. So many options to choose from, as anything goes!

6. Stir into any combination of yogurt, mayo, sour cream for an easy sauce or dip: Mix a quarter teaspoon of any Posh Nosh spice blend into half a cup of your choice. Let sit for 5-10 minutes, taste and adjust upwards as desired, then use as a sauce, or dip for fish, veggies, or baked potatoes. The Herb and Onion is always a crowd-pleaser., or Maple Curry especially with sweet potatoes fries

7. Rice: Depending on the main dish, sometimes I season warm rice with Posh Nosh Antioxidant Sprinkle or add Anti Inflammatory all-purpose seasoning. to the cooking water for the beautiful rich yellow turmeric coloring which is especially lovely for Pilaf rice dish.

8. Pasta: Either in a creamy sauce, tomato-based sauce, or with a splash of olive or avocado oil by adding almost any of the Posh Nosh spice blends you really can eat a different tasting pasta dish every day of the week. Some of my go-to spice blends for pasta dishes are the New Orleans Jazz, Strombolian Capperizi, Mongolian Mushroom Magic, and Lorie Valley Living

9. Fish, meat, or tofu is another easy way to use any Posh Nosh spice blend. Either as a marinade, dry rub or simply sprinkling on before roasting, baking, BBQ, or as an ingredient added to a coating of bread crumbs, flour, or batter. See Meat Rub and BBq collection

10. Slow cookers and Insta Pots: Super quick and easy are to add all of the ingredients you wish to cook in the slow cooker and sprinkle a Posh Nosh spice blend of your choice. I have even taken frozen meat, put it in a slow cooker sprinkle with seasoning blend, put on the lid, set on low, and come back 8-10 hours later to the meat that is so tasty and tender it will make your mouth water. Dionysus Dines Out, and Zanzibar Zing is just a couple of the spice blends that have worked well for this.

I would love to hear of all the variety of ways that you are enjoying using Posh Nosh spice blends. Please share on my Facebook page or send me an email at as I believe that we are all maybe looking for inspiration in the kitchen.

Have a beautiful day!


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