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Welcome to the Posh Nosh spice blends website

For those of you who have been following me at local markets, events, and enjoying Posh Nosh spice blends, the day has finally arrived where you can now purchase the spice blends directly from this website.

It is You the loyal customers that have fueled me with the passion to want to grow and evolve this business from just selling Posh Nosh spice blends at local markets and events, to now offering them at many retail locations and across Canada through my website.

I have been asked many times to offer recipes to create meals using Posh Nosh spice blends, which I will do now that I have somewhere to showcase them. Even though I have to follow a very set recipe when creating the spice blends, it isn't my style of cooking or preparing meals, as I do tend to create as I go, so even though I will share recipes they will not necessarily be an exact science but more of a 'Jamie Oliver' style, which gives you lots of room to add your own creative touch.

I do have a favor to ask of you. Would you be willing to submit recipes that you make using the spice blends to be shared with others?

Please submit recipes to and for every recipe that is published on the website, you will receive a FREE spice blend of your choice. Please include a photo of the recipe with your name and the spice blends that you used in the creation of the recipe.

Check out where you will find daily updates, videos, and the lastest locations now retailing Posh Nosh spice blends.

Your input is really important to me, so let me know how I can improve and add to what I am presently offering.

Have a beautiful day!


Owner and creator of Posh Nosh spice blends

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