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So what do I use Maple Curry in...?

When I get asked the simple question “so how can I use the Maple Curry”, I tend to go off on a tangent, usually beginning ‘What can’t you use the Maple Curry for”?

I have referred to the Maple Curry as my addiction because even though I have over 50 Posh Nosh spice blends that I create, Maple Curry seems to be my go-to when preparing a meal and I can’t decide which other spice blends to use. Why because it just tastes sooo darn good on everything.

I am all about K.I.S.S (keep it super simple) philosophy with meal preparation. Here are some of the ways that I like to use Maple Curry:

For grilling, roasting, pan-frying, BBQ, chicken, fish-especially perfect for salmon-, shrimp, pork, or beef just sprinkle a generous amount on each side and cook as you usually would.

If you are adding a coating to any of the above, you can add the Maple Curry to the coating. Usually, when I coat anything I start with the dredging of flour which I add a small amount of the seasoning to, then I dip it in the egg mixture, and coat in either flour or bread crumb mixed with more of the seasoning add to.

Maple Curry is wonderful in a cream sauce for pasta especially Chicken Penne pasta. When following a recipe to make it, replace the curry powder and maple for the Maple Curry it is that easy.

I love to sauté shrimp in butter and just as the shrimp starts to turn pink add some Maple Curry and finish cooking. You can even add a dash of cream at the very end to make a decadent sauce to accompany the shrimp, which is wonderful when served over a bed of rice.

My 89-year-old mother has me send her Maple Curry to England as she loves to make an awesome chicken curry with it. You can literally replace the curry powder in recipes for Maple Curry. If you want a stronger tasting curry flavor rather than adding more of the Maple Curry you can add some of the Pacific Rim Curry powder that is created more as an ethnic curry powder.

I love the Maple Curry as a salad dressing, mix with vinegar, and an oil of your choice in a small jar, give it a shake, let sit for a few minutes and adjust the seasoning to get the right level of taste that you desire.

In my humble opinion, no cream of squash or carrot soup is complete without Maple Curry, as it takes the soup to a whole other level of yumminess. Roasted root veggies are also just not quite the same without it. Seafood chowder and Maple Curry truly make a wonderful combination. Try it some time.

Tofu is pretty tasteless and by either chopping into cubes or slices marinating it in a bit of oil with the Maple Curry and voila you have an instant and easy flavor that can then be added to a meal of your design. You can also slice or cube tofu and coat in corn starch or arrowroot with some Maple Curry added to it than pan-fry in a bit of oil

I even just like to sprinkle Maple Curry directly on salads, wraps, and I really like it with thawed frozen berries with a scoop of yogurt for an evening snack.

Maple Curry dip for sweet potato fries, shrimp, chicken fingers, veggies is seriously not to be missed. I like to make mine by adding the seasoning to a combination of mayonnaise, sour cream, or yogurt whichever I have on hand. Add a small amount to it stir, let sit for a minute or two, taste and adjust the seasoning for your taste.

As you can see the only limits to what you can use Maple Curry for are your imagination.

Enjoy and please share your suggestion on my Facebook page

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